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Hydrology9 Rotating Stir Cover


The stir was designed to be integrated with the bottom chamber cover, with the cover made of spacecraft-grade aluminum alloy and the stir itself made of heat resistant stainless steel. Accompanying the stir is a flower shaped plate that is both small enough to allow air to flow from the circumference of the plate and through the numerous air holes in the plate, and large enough to push the herb up toward the chamber.

cleaning kit for Hydrology 9


cleaning kit:
Long Brush – Used to clean the interior air duct and exterior air intake
Short Brush – Used to clean the exterior air intake and the vaporization chamber
Residue Removal Pick– Used to clean anywhere residue could accumulate, such as the rotating stir plate and the interior air duct cover
Shovel – Custom-designed to remove the interior air duct cover and clean and scrape out the vaporization chamber of any herbal residue

Kiln RA chamber connector base


The Kiln RA Replacement Chamber Connector Base is designed to sit flush with most box mods and standard batteries, and is built with an advanced dual-post system, evenly providing power to the Kiln RA’s ceramic disc atomizers, vaporizing your wax consistency products to produce unrivaled flavor and vapor.

Kiln RA replacement atomizer- 2pack


Each Kiln RA Replacement Atomizer is made of pure ceramic and uses advanced ceramic heating disc technology to heat wax consistency products, producing pure and flavorful vapor. Kiln RA replacement atomizers are sold in packs of two.